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G's Melody Cafe produces local events, which allows unique opportunities for an advertiser to engage with our audience at our events or on-air.

The radio station has first-of-the-year theme parties, the yearly pajama jammy jam party!, summer moonlight cruises, the Fall Golf Fundraiser Event, The Naughty Holiday Party, and Musical Concert.

Advertisement Types

Radio Ads: Radio reaches adults every day, and it reaches them wherever they are. Listeners are constantly on the go and are multitasking, but the radio allows them to listen to their favorite stations throughout their day. It works because it’s the easiest way to reach your target audience, and it’s the most trusted medium. Listeners trust radio more than other media, and it’s a simple way to stay top-of-mind and inform them about your business or events. All radio advertisements are 30 seconds long.

Twitter & Facebook Postings: G’s Melody Cafe will post your service or event on our Twitter and Facebook feed, and we post every hour on the hour. To give your business or event the spotlight it deserves.

Banner Ads: Using banner advertising is one of the best ways any company can get its name in front of clients. Even if you have just started up, it is worth putting in the money; the more customers you will draw in, the more income you will generate.

Fire T.V. Ads: Fire TV offers advertisers an opportunity to reach customers while the customers listen to their favorite music station. The best part of advertising on G's Melody Cafe using Fire T.V. is that you have the run of the station.

Event Magazine: G's Melody Cafe has a distinctive clientele who attend our affairs. The guess who attends our events has high purchasing power. We offer the Magazine as no-cost memorabilia from our event.

Fundraiser Event: The golf fundraiser supports a non-profit organization dear to G's Melody Cafe. This event allows your businesses to be up close and personal with the guest. 

Music Concert: Thousands of music lovers congregate at concerts, eager to experience their favorite singer, group, or band's live performance in one place. G's Melody Cafe puts you in the front of the events.

Pricing and Packages are available upon request. Please email me which advertisement you are interested in purchasing, company name, company size, telephone number, name of the person to contact, state, and the region at gsmelodycafe@gmail.com, The Leader in Pure radio station for every generation!

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